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Gradingo is an online learning platform targeted specifically at IT professionals who want to learn new skills or upgrade their existing skills.

Gradingo training platform is powered by instructors from the top IT companies and who offer valuable lessons from their own practical experiences. Getting started is as easy as a few clicks.
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Choose what you want to learn.

Choose from our vast selection of course and lesson offerings. You can choose full courses or individual lessons in specific technology.

Select Dates

Select the dates when you want to take your lessons. You can select dates for the entire course or on a per lesson basis. Optionally you can also choose an instructor if you prefer. We find you the best instructor based on your dates if you don't select one.

Book your lessons

Confirm your selection and book your lessons. We will send you the schedule along with the details about how to join the lessons on your registered email address. Happy Learning!

Guaranteed results and up to date content

All lessons come with a 7 day money back guarantee.

All the learning material shared during the lessons is constantly updated and you get lifetime access to the updates in the learning material.

Our instructors keep the content and learning material up to date in accordance to the latest release of a given technology. We need to keep the content relevant and current in order to attract new students. This means that the students who have taken lessons in the past can also come back and download the updated training material free of cost whenever a new update is available.

Personalized learning with strong focus on you success

We know that every individual has different learning needs and the way they learn. That's why we offer live hands on sessions and not pre-recorded classes as oppossed to a lot of other online learning platforms.

Today technologies are moving very fast and it can be overwhelming to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in your field. We have partnered with professsionals who are subject matter experts in their subjects and who devote a lot of time to stay ahead of the current trends in their respective fields.

We offer programs in a diverse range of topics which ensures that you can start your learning journey with us and be rest assured that you can always rely on us whenever you want to upgrade yor skills or when you want to refresh your existing skills.

Our Offerings

All our learning services are offered as specialization packages, individual courses and à la carte lessons.

Specialization Packges

A specialization package is a group of related courses clubbed together for a highly demanded skillset. These packges are ideal for individuals who would like to be experts in a new skill.

Specialization packages offer several courses combined at a special price and you can save money if you buy a specialization as opposed to buying individual courses.

Individual Courses

Courses are a group of lessons comibned together in a coherent unit of lessons targeted at a specific technology. Courses are generally organized in levels such as beginner, intermediate and advanced

A course is a recommended way of learning when you want to up your level from beginner to intermediate or advanced. Courses offer lessons at subsidized rates combining several à la carte lessons.

à la carte Lessons

You can cherry pick lessons from courses and only pay for the individual lessons.

If you are already familiar with a given technology and only want to learn or revisit specific topics this is a great way to do so. This also works great if you have already taken a course and after some time as new sections are added to the course due to technology upgrades you can come back and cherry pick these new lessons to stay up to date.

Counselling Sessions

You can book counselling sessions with our expert trainers to help make decisions related to your career, technology and software architecture.

You can use these sessions to gain valuable advice such as the career prospects of a new and emerging technology, feasibility of using a given technology to solve a given problem or even review a case study to help you make decision about using a stack for given use case.

Corporate Training Programs

Companies and organizations looking to up skill their work force can avail our Specializations, Courses and à la carte Lessons on special rates.

Because we provide live sessions your employees can learn and ask questions such as how the technology can be used to address a problem in their day to day work. This would empower them to use the knwoledge in context of their actual work responsibilities.

Corporate Consultations

Our certified expert trainers also offer consultation services to help you quickly start projects which require expertise in a specific technology.

Companies and organizations can hire our trainers to conduct on job training for your staff and also help you finish a project without you having to hire a full time specialist in a technology.

This saves a lot of time and money and prepares your team to handle such projects independently in future.

Why choose us?

There are several reasons why you should take this opportunity to advance your career to the next level with us, here the top 3 reasons as told by our clients.

Best Trainers

Our instructors are top few from their respective fields. They are not academecians or freelancers but actual professionals working in top IT companies across the globe.

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Flexible Options

You can select and learn the skills in the most flexible manner. We don't force packages and plans on you, you can choose on a lesson level to customize your learning experience.

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Practical and Hands On

We have strong emphasis on empowering you to solve real world problems and not dictate theory which most of the times is not what is used in actual work.

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Our Featured Instructors

All our instructors are industry leading professionals with decades of experience in their respective fields. Here are our top rated instructors

Pradeep Singh

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Sarah Jhonson

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William Anderson

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Amanda Jepson

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